Welcome to our little farm!


Hi everyone welcome to our little farm.  We  started out as a hobby with a few chickens, and some horses in Harvard Illinois. Our hobby has grown a bit since the beginning. We got a couple of Nigerian Dwarf goat wethers as pets for the girls, and fell in love with the breed. Their temperament is wonderful for young children so we decided to get our first doe to raise babies and show in 4-H. The farm has grown to breeding  Nigerian goats, and the family has now started to raise American Fuzzy Lop rabbits. Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats are registered with the American Goat Society which is also where are Herd name is registered. We also have the whole herd registered with the American Dairy Goat Association, but I could not use Busy Bee so for them we are Buzzy Bee Farm but with the same tattoo. Our first babies were born on May 02, 2008 on the farm and we have been hooked ever since. We went to our first Fair that year and learned so much from all the other goat breeders there. Our goats placed 2nd place in all three classes they were entered in with some of the bigger breeds, and continue to place even more. The girls favorite show class was costume class were they, and their goats dressed up. Make sure you visit the gallery there are a lot of very cute pic’s there.


  We have so much fun with our little goats they make such wonderful ambassadors to the goat world. Our goats have gone to Nursing Homes, to festivals to do milking demo’s, and to a school for an Ag Day. We are hoping to find other places to take them to brighten up other peoples day as they do us. We take our goats even to Tractor Supply with our 4-H Group to help promote agriculture awareness. One of the things my daughters and I really enjoy doing with the milk is  making cheese and ice cream.

We will sometimes have some goats for sale. I have added to the main menu a goat for sale page for you to see what we have available. I have also put one in for our Does & Bucks’. For animals that stay here at the farm the boarding fee $2.00 a day with your own feed & hay, or $4.00 if we supply the feed & hayYou can call me on my cell phone #(815) 814-1011 or e-mail me at oakcreekcreations@sbcglobal.net if you have questions or just want to talk goats.

We purchased our very own Buck in 2009, a year earlier than planned.  Thanks to Beth at Private Idaho for the opportunity to buy this great looking boy. We added one more buck to our herd in 2010 for more great milking lines for our customers and ourselves. Our new buck came home from Beulah Land Farm in Chemung, Illinois. Thank you so much Mrs. Bernhardt we can’t wait to start training him for the shows.

     The shows that we will be attending for the 2018 season is the McHenry County fair in Woodstock Illinois July 31 – August 5th. We had a great time at the last fair. We are so glad to have more Nigerian Dwarfs at the fair this year. We have even had our own breed class for 2 years now at the Fair.

      **NEW NEWS** Just to let you all know that our 4-H club and Tractor Supply will be hosting our 4th Annual Rabbit Fun Show June 16, 2018 at the Tractor Supply Store. We are handing out fliers at other rabbit shows with all the details, and you are welcome to call or email us any time for information.

 **New News** We will be hosting a Goat Clinic on May 19, 2018 it will be instructed by our family, and some of our Milk Center 4-H members. The Clinic will consist of the following areas: Uses of Goats, Breeds of Goats, Feed & Health, Record Keeping, Breeding & Kidding, and Demos. The Demos will be about Hoof trimming, Tattooing, Clipping, Milking, and Showing. This event will be held at the McHenry County Fairgrounds in the Swine Barn show ring. The address of the Fairgrounds is Mchenry County Fair 12104 Country Club Rd Woodstock, Il. 60098 there phone number is (815)338-5315.



     My husband and I wanted to build a stall system for our pregnant Does since our herd has grown a bit since we started out. The thought behind this system was to be modular, and not terribly expensive to make. We are building our stalls out of oak pallets, and they have turned out great. The barn is an industrial strength tarp building that is enclosed (12ft. by 26ft.). We also purchased 4×6 rubber stall mats for the floor of the stalls for easy cleaning. We designed this so when we use it in the summer we will be able to put the sides up for plenty of air flow. We wanted to finish the barn before Rain has her babies in March, and my husband finished it today(1/24/11)!  Here are some pictures of our finished project.


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